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Which Six Sigma Certification Should You Pursue?

Are you looking for a way to maximize your contribution to your company’s value? Are you searching for a career that would enable you to advance in your current position while still earning a higher salary? Consider becoming a certified Six Sigma specialist. Six Sigma has proven its importance in some markets, including healthcare and financial services, manufacturing, and even government administration. Companies that utilize Six Sigma strategies may increase client satisfaction, competition, and financial performance. Employees who have earned a Six Sigma certification will help their companies gain some advantages while still opening the path for a promising future for themselves.

LSS Arizona - Yuma AZ

How to Choose the Required Six Sigma Certification

A belt system is used in Six Sigma certifications. Six Sigma, as with the combat arts, provides several certifications at varying levels. Each certification is tailored to the employee’s level of expertise, understanding, and project time spent.

What Precisely Are Six Sigma Belts?

The Six Sigma methodology employs a multi-colored belt layered system for certification. A tiered process is used to receive Six Sigma Certification.

You may select from the following Six Sigma Belts of Certification Levels:

  • Six Sigma White Belt – This certification reflects a basic understanding of Six Sigma’s foundational principles.
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt – This certification verifies that you have learned the fundamentals of Six Sigma, how the disciplines can be used in the workplace, and where you can focus your efforts when learning the methodology.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt – This certification focuses on recognizing and addressing quality management systems in a program. Green Belts lead and maintain programs while supporting Six Sigma Black Belts.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt – Obtaining this certification confirms that you are an authority in Six Sigma concepts and procedures. Within a company, they are recognized as reform consultants who lead initiative teams.
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt – A Master Black Belt is the pinnacle of the Lean Six Sigma achievement pyramid. They have a wealth of experience and are considered leaders in their fields.
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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Black Belts lead community teams and mentor team members. Their primary duty is Six Sigma, which they operate on full-time. A Black Belt expert requires three years of similar job experience and the execution of two Six Sigma projects.

The following are some of the tasks that Black Belts successfully perform:

  • They can better manage their employees by leveraging their coordination and managerial abilities; Black Belts use time management, decision-making, and planning of resources to encourage teammates, as well as organizational growth, performance appraisal, and reward and incentive schemes to get the most out of the team.
  • Anticipate resistance and use development monitoring tactics to overcome it, to ensure that the Six Sigma modifications are implemented.
  • Learn how Six Sigma and other associated concepts such as Lean, continuous process growth, and Overall Quality Control operate together to enhance financial outcomes.
  • Evaluate the market effects of a Six Sigma program and its deliverables.
  • Benchmarking will improve a company’s performance indicators.

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