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Six Sigma is a well-known methodology for improving the performance and productivity of business processes. Six Sigma not only establishes a principle of continual process improvement, but it also includes processes and practices that reduce variance, eliminates defects, and help determine the root cause of errors, allowing companies to deliver high-quality products and services for their consumers.

Although most people connect Six Sigma with engineering, it can be extended to every process in every industry. Six Sigma is a control system that is applied in all company settings to build a management system that identifies errors daily and provides measures to avoid them.

LSS Arizona - Snowflake AZ

What Does Six Sigma Mean?

Shewhart is credited as being the first to suggest that every process attribute that deviates three sigmas from the mean should be changed, according to experts. One sigma is equal to one standard deviation.

Bringing operations to a “six sigma” standard, which amounts to 3.4 defects per million openings, is part of the Six Sigma strategy. The aim is to simplify systems using continuous process control so that they provide predictable and accurate results. Six Sigma is a data-driven technique for defining and analyzing each process stage. It provides guidelines for improving business system efficiencies, process performance, and bottom-line gains.

What would you expect to earn as an LSS Green Belt?

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As stated by, an average income for anyone with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification in the United States is $101,500 (as of July 30, 2019). The average wage ranges from $83,100 to $109,300, depending on a few reasons like additional credentials and certifications, experience, the number of years someone has experience in their desired profession, and the field in which they would like to operate in. According to the ASQ’s Quality Progress Salary Survey, the average pay of a certified Green Belt is $95,261, with Green Belts paying $10,000 more than Yellow Belts.

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Is Six Sigma only effective in industrial organizations?

The benefits of Six Sigma implementation are the same for all companies, regardless of industry. Are the challenges in the service industry isolated from those in the retail sector? Should they have a particular approach to customers? At the client’s point, service companies conduct business. The fear that the industry has over introduced Six Sigma is palpable. “Every customer is unique,” according to some service sector experts! Six Sigma may not be extended to all customer service systems. With slight variations, it may be extended to most, if not all, service propositions or functions.

“They are a people-driven industry,” “All outcomes cannot be measured,” and “Six Sigma is too technical,” said several voices inside the service sector. However, these are just voices!

From big financial services leaders like Bank of America to healthcare organizations, there’s plenty for everybody. These companies have gained from Six Sigma and Lean applications, which have helped them provide high-quality services on time. For a free quote, email Lean Six Sigma Experts in Snowflake, Arizona today.

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